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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Global Expo Exhibition Company is the organizer of the international exhibition of multi-field and specialized medical centres, clinics, health centres, research institutions, hospitals, and sanatorium-and-spa institutions, which provide fee-based healthcare, health-improving, medical and aesthetic services.

The exhibition will take place in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall over the period October 13-16, 2005 and will be titled “The Moscow Medical Fair”.

Well-known medical institutions and healthcare organizations from Moscow , Moscow region and other parts of Russia , as well as companies from Germany , Hungary , Slovakia , Israel , Switzerland and other countries from Western Europe are invited to participate in the Fair.

The key objective of the exhibition is to ensure the further development of the domestic market of healthcare services, improve the quality of the medical services provided to the population, establish business contacts between potential partners, and attract investment from Russia and abroad into the medical sector.

Unprecedented in terms of the subjects addressed, the Moscow Medical Fair will provide the medical community, executive authorities, businessmen, insurance companies, mass media and public at large with an excellent opportunity to become familiar with medical institutions, their areas of specialization, and a vast array of rendered healthcare services.

The Fair will provide a framework for various seminars, lectures, round-table discussions and presentations of different companies, medications and medical equipment.

Based on many years of experience in organizing exhibitions devoted to elite recreation and tourism, and considering the feedback from its visitors, Global Expo estimates that some 50,000 people with an average or higher than average income will attend the event. Individual and family health is an issue of utmost importance for our target group.

The medical institutions listed below have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition:

Russian Cardiology Research and Production Centre of the Healthcare Ministry of the Russian Federation, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Institute of the Healthcare Ministry of the Russian Federation, Central Clinical Hospital, Volynskiy Hospital, various polyclinics and sanatoriums of the President's Administrative Affairs Office, Invitro Laboratory; A number of medical centres among which are: OAO Meditsina., Scandinavian Health Centre, Moskvoretchye, Nevro-Med, Yuzhny, Derice Medical Network, Mera Med Medical Association, Rhana Japanese Beauty Clinic, various foreign medical centres, including Nurnberg-Clinique and others.

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the Moscow Medical Fair.

General Director of Global Expo Ltd. Y.I. Demidova


SYNOPSIS Бизнес консультирование

Первая Общероссийская Ассоциация врачей частной практики

NEON Medical Equipment

Онкологическая клиника SanaFontis во Фрайбурге совмещает современную диагностику (ПЭТ/КТ)  с индивидуальным подходом к лечению опухолей. Возможно обслуживание на русском и размещение сопровождающих.

Премия «Хрустальная пробирка» учреждена в целях поощрения российских клиник репродукции человека.  Современные методы  в лечении бесплодия.
8 номинаций, торжественное награждение, научная программа.

Конференция “Достижения эстетической медицины и здоровье современного человека”
Торжественные мероприятия, посвященные празднованию 70-летия  «Института пластической хирургии и косметологии»,
Презентация юбилейного сборника статей «Возраст красоте не помеха».

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